BlackBerry Beta

Our client for BlackBerry phones is now available!  This client will help you identify and log into hotspots with your Boingo Mobile account, and includes a new GPS-based hotspot locating system. You should download the client directly to your BlackBerry.

Blackberry Client Download

In order to use the Wi-Fi functionality in this software, you will need a BlackBerry device that is Wi-Fi equipped. If you have a BlackBerry not equipped with Wi-Fi, you can still use our location directory function, including interactive maps, if you have BlackBerry software version 4.5 or newer with Blackberry Maps installed.

Note that this is a pre-release that is not yet officially supported. This release requires Blackberry OS 4.5, and has only been tested on the Blackberry Bold. It should work on other phones. The UI will look a little off, but it will still function correctly.

Please do not contact Boingo Customer support. If you encounter any issues or have any comments, please post in our Blackberry Forum